Problems We Find

At Williamette Home Inspection some of the issues we find are in the open and self evident. However most issues tend to be tucked away and not infrequently require experience and insight before they are revealed. This gallery of photos is only a small portion of the kinds of issues we come across but helps provide an idea of the value a proper home inspection can provide you with.

Corroded Plumbing
Corroded Sewer Piping
Corroded Water Heaters
Crawlspace Water Penetration
Electrical Issues
Fungal Rot in Siding
Fungal Rot in Subfloors
Fungal Rot Window Sill
Inadequate Venting
Insect Damage
Insect Damage
Insect Damaged Substructure
Leaking Drain Pipes
Leaking Pipe Connections
Leaking Toilets
Loose Shingles
Loose Support Posts
Open Electrical Box
Missing Sidewall Flashing
Disconnected HVAC Venting
Substandard Wiring
Moldy Roof Sheathing
No Step Flashing
Scorched Main Lug
Structural Issues
Structural Issues
Structural Issues
Substandard Plumbing Repairs
Substandard Roofing Repairs
Substandard Support
Substandard Wiring
Substandard Wiring
Water Heater Burner Rusted Out
Water Intrusion
Duct Terminating in Attic
Duct Terminating in Attic